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BIO – Coco Zurita

From Santiago, Chile, Coco with a unique style made the move to the United States back in 2003 and from zero, as a sales man in Dallas Texas worked his way up in order to accomplish his dream, Coco quickly became one of the top BMX athletes in the industry and one of the best vert-riders in the world, winning the BMX world championship in 2013, being the first rider in the world that landed a triple tail-whip, competing in more than 11 X-Games with a 2nd place in Brazil X-Games and winning the Rider of the year award on 2010 at the Dew Tour series, coming a long way from South America to place himself in find Mega Ramp also being a big cars enthusiast and spending his time off at the race track. Coco is well know for going fast and high as the sky.



Great year of touring around Chile with ESPN USA reaching thousands of people also with the opportunity to ride on the Tony Hawk  Stand Up For Skatepark demo in Beverly Hills Ca. nothing but 9 BMX magazines appearances and filming for a Tv commercial as a face of a campaign, ending the year with a second campaign, this time for the Sony action cam.

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This was one of the key years on coco┬┤s career, Achieving the world title on BMX Vert at the Worlds in Germany a a second please at Brazil X-Games, numbers of different interviews and media and launching his first short video directed by JC Pieri.

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This was a solid year of training, where Coco was able to increase his level to get ready for 2013 & 2014. training that helped Coco to break the mark of the top 5 BMX vert riders in the world, reaching media around the world, and achieving one of his first motivational speeches.

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A strong and memorable year for Coco, getting injured the night before X-Games in Los Angeles, was a big test on his career and mind, the one that only hold him for 3 months until he got back to his routine, getting a 4th place at the dew tour in Las Vegas and as an ice on the cake coco won the athlete of the year award by the series Dew tour.

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Across the world, this was the year that Coco opened his style to a new level and took BMX vert to brighten up the future for BMX vert reaching all the main contest and also recording for media like Discovery Channel 3D.

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